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STAAR Parent Portal

STAAR Scores are available for parent access on the TEA website.  Follow the instructions below: 
  • Go to  This site provides a wealth of information regarding the STAAR test and how to read the scores, as well as the portal to look up your child's scores.   
  • Click on "Visit the family portal"
  • If you know your child's UNIQUE ACCESS CODE (found on previous STAAR Confidential Student Reports on the bottom right), enter that access code and your child's date of birth on the website and click "Go."
  • If you DO NOT know your child's UNIQUE ACCESS CODE, click the link: "LookUp Access Code."  Enter your child's first name, social security # or state issued S #, and date of birth.  Once you click "Go," your child's UNIQUE ACCESS CODE will appear.  Click "Go" again.   NOTE: If you cannot access the UNIQUE ACCESS CODE, please contact the office at your child's school for assistance.  
  • All of your child's STAAR testing data will appear.  You may click on any test for additional information.


For additional help, contact your child's school office at 903-626-1400; follow the prompts to speak to the proper campus.
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