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Welcome to the Leon ISD Police Department. My name is Tobias Shaddix and I am the Chief of Police for Leon ISD. I am dedicated to assuring the safety and security of each and every child in our district. My contact information is listed below. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have for me or the department.

Chief Tobias Shaddix




“Chow Down with the Chief”

This program will begin in the 2019-2020 school year for students of all grade levels. Once a 6 weeks Chief Shaddix will bring a personal pizza of the student’s choice to lunch. The program is designed to reward good students and also to allow the students to build a positive relationship with law enforcement. School administrators and teachers will select one boy and one girl student each at Elementary, Jr. High, and High School. The selections of the students will be based on leadership, good behavior, positive attitudes, and academic performance.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can Leon ISD officers do everything other police departments can do?

Yes, our police officers are Texas peace officers fully certified by TCOLE and given the same duties, authorities, and immunities as all other Texas Peace Officers.


What makes our district officers different from the Sheriff's department, the municipal police, or the constables?

Our district police officers make up a specialized law enforcement agency.


Can our officers arrest adults and/or juveniles?

Yes, our officers have this authority, just like any other peace officer in the state of Texas.


Can our officers take action against a non-student if they are not on school district property?

Yes, if an officer witnesses an offense, he will take action and let the agency that has primary jurisdiction in the area know what has occurred.


Do Leon ISD officers have any authority at school functions that are not held on district property (i.e. prom, graduation, sporting events)?

Yes, wherever Leon ISD functions are held, our officers have authority on the property.


If other police departments need assistance, can our officers respond?

Yes, just as other law enforcement may respond to our officers' assistance, so may we respond to calls for assistance from other police departments.