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A-F Accountability System


Leon ISD is proud to announce that we received an overall “B” rating by TEA using the new A-F accountability system.  Additionally, each campus received a “met standard” rating.  We are very proud of the work our teachers and students did this past year to help the district receive these marks. 

What does a “B” mean? or

How does this new accountability system really work?

Those are questions I have been asked this past week.  So let me try to break this down in simple English.


The A-F system is the brainchild of Mike Morath, our current Commissioner of Education.  His goal was to create a system that would mathematically allow every district to receive an “A” rating.  However, looking at the statewide ratings very few districts reached the “A” plateau this first year.  Most districts received a “B” and “C” rating.  As with other A-F systems an “A” is excellent, “B” is good, “C” is average, “D” is below average, and a “F” is improvement required.  Additionally, the accountability manual was not published until July which was 2 months after the last assessment was given.  That’s correct we were given the rules to the game after the game had been played. 


If you watch the news, you will see many outlets explaining that this A-F system places too much emphasis on the state assessment or that it is unfair to rate a school on a single test.  As I do agree with these premises, the accountability system is not a reflection of the overall quality of our school and it cannot reflect the great things that Leon ISD does each day.  It is a part of our education system and therefore, Leon ISD will continue to set goals to improve student achievement within as well as outside the accountability arena.


The A-F system is divided into 4 sections:  70% of the overall grade comes from the highest score within Domain I, Domain IIA, or Domain IIB and 30% of the overall grade comes from Domain III.  Below is Leon ISD Domain scores and you can see that Domain I was the highest of the top three scores so we received 70% of Domain I.  Added to that the 30% from Domain III gave Leon ISD a “B” rating.


Domain I: Student Achievement


Domain IIA: Academic Growth


Domain IIB: Relative Performance


Domain III: Closing the Gaps 




To further understand the A-F system, I will break down each Domain.  Student Achievement is a measurement of how well the students did on their state assessment.  Even though this term was used with the old accountability system, the A-F measurement is much different.  The old system only measured the number of students that passed an assessment, however the A-F system measures students that are approaching grade level standards, students meeting grade level standards, and those that mastered the standards.  This system has moved the bar to where the schools must strive to have more students meeting and mastering the standards. 


Academic Growth has also been used in the old accountability system.  It is a measurement of how many students made 1 year of academic growth.  This is a great indicator that allows the staff to see which students need additional supports and which students are moving in the right direction.   


Relative Performance is a measurement of how well the district’s Student Achievement was compared to other districts with the same number of economically disadvantage students.  In other words, TEA took our Domain I score of 81 and compared it to other districts with 50% economically disadvantaged students.  Leon scored a 75 which indicates we are very comparable with similar districts.      


Domain III: Closing the Gaps is the most difficult domain to explain.  This domain takes demographic subgroups and compares their results in Academic Achievement, Graduation Rate, TELPAS results, and Career and College Readiness to a set standard.  Larger district could have as many as 120 different subgroups that are measured while Leon ISD had 22 different subgroups.   


If you have any questions concerning the A-F system please do not hesitate to send me an email at




David Rains


Leon ISD